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Questions And Answers On Aerospace Switches

What Are Aerospace Switches Used For?

Aerospace switches are sensor and automation devices that are used in various aerospace equipment. They can include a variety of switch types, such as acceleration switches, tilt switches, and disturbance switches.

Aerospace switches are specifically designed to perform in critical and non-critical automated systems in environments that are subject to extremes of altitude and temperature fluctuations.

What Are Aerospace Switches Made Of?

Aerospace switches are made from materials that foster certain performance capabilities. These materials usually qualify as mil-spec, as they must contribute to exceptional endurance.

The connector or conductive parts of the switch will be made from materials that ensure electrical conductivity, such as nickel with gold-plating. Any housing must be carefully sealed to prevent corrosion and contaminants.

What Types Of Switches Are Used In Aerospace Equipment?

Aerospace switches can include many different types of automated sensor components. Acceleration switches are among the most common.

They provide automated responses to changes in velocity. They are used in various parts of aircraft to trigger emergency alerts, signal beacons, cockpit recorder functionality, and more. Other aerospace switches include tilt switches, disturbance switches, and others.

What Do Aerospace Manufacturers Do?

Aerospace switch manufacturers specialize in designing and producing switches that are catered to applications on various air and spacecraft, including jets, helicopters, and more.

Aerospace switch manufacturers serve original equipment manufacturers and maintenance specialists who need automated devices that perform reliably in high-altitude placements and in settings that may be subject to temperature extremes and other demanding circumstances.

Can Aerospace Switches Be Customized?

Aerospace switches can be customized when they are sourced from a switch manufacturer. Levels of customization are based on the type of switch.

There are also standard modifications regarding the sensory parameters, lead type, switch detail, and activation level. These specifics will determine whether the switch is normally open or closed, whether it is latching, and other performance details.