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Questions And Answers On Aircraft Switches

What Are Aircraft G Switches?

Aircraft G switches are sometimes called G or g-force switches, which respond to a certain threshold of G-force or changes in velocity.

They are applied to various systems on aircraft to trigger automated responses, which can include emergency signal beacons, cockpit recording shutdowns, and a range of critical and non-critical responses to speed changes.

What Types Of Switches Are Aircraft Switches?

Aircraft switches include many different types of sensor-based automation components. For automated responses when there are changes in velocity, acceleration or aircraft g switches are used.

These are among the most common types. Tilt switches, which respond to changes in orientation may also be used in some aviation equipment, as well as other types including disturbance and impact switches.

What Are Aircraft Switches Used For?

Aircraft switches are used to trigger automated responses aboard jets, helicopters, and other aircraft. They are used in critical and non-critical capacities when certain forces are encountered. Aircraft g switches are a common type.

They respond to changes in g-force and are used for emergency life support systems, signal beacon transmission, cockpit recording shutdowns, and more.

What Are Aircraft Toggle Switches?

Aircraft toggle switches are control hardware that can be toggled between two or three operating positions. They are used for manual control of many systems used on aircraft, but are most commonly used throughout the cockpit.

Currently, aircraft toggle switches are being phased out in favor of  aviation-specific touchscreen and computer automated controls.

Where Can Custom Aircraft Switches Be Sourced?

Custom aircraft switches can be sourced from aviation switch manufacturers. These companies will design and produce various switches and sensor components.

Some manufacturers will modify existing switch designs to suit unique parameters or will engineer entirely new switches for specialized placements. Customization of aircraft switches may involve the operational parameters or the switch’s structure, including its size and materials.