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Questions And Answers On Crush Switches

What Are Crush Switches?

Crush switches are basic sensors that respond to direct impact. They will then trigger a response within a system.

They are called crush switches because the switch is activated when the can or housing of the switch is crushed, which closes a circuit. Crush switches are often used as a simplified version of an impact switch since they respond to direct force.

What Are Crush Switches Used For?

Crush switches are used in systems that require an automated response to a direct impact. They will initiate this response as the can of the switch is crushed and the circuit is closed.

Because of this functionality, they are often used to trigger detonations on munitions, as emergency crash alert triggers, and where abrupt force should initiate a response.

How Do Crush Switches Work?

Crush switches work by closing a circuit in response to an impact or abrupt force.

The can of the switch serves as a conductor. As this part is compressed or crushed, it comes in contact with the switch’s leads and the switch is then activated. Once triggered, crush switches will remain closed.

Can Crush Switches Be Customized?

Since crush switches are a simplified version of an impact switch, they do not have many activation parameters to customize.  In a single-lead crush switch, the can of the switch serves as the conductor.

This part can be lengthened to somewhat modify their activation. Crush switches can also be made with two leads, which are called co-planar crush switches.

What Do Crush Switches Detect?

Crush switches are designed to detect a direct force or impact. These switches are meant to be compressed, which closes a circuit and activates the switch.

The housing of the switch may be used as one of the leads that causes this action. Because these switches are crushed to carry out their function, they are always latching switches.