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Questions And Answers On Impact Switches

What Are Impact Switches?

Impact switches are devices used to detect force or impact and then trigger a response. This may occur automatically or after a set delay. Impact switches do this by closing a circuit once an abrupt change is detected, such as a collision or crash.

They are applied to many safety systems and are also used as detonation components in munitions.

What Are Impact Switches Used For?

Impact switches are used in systems that require an automated response when a crash, collision, or other abrupt and direct change of force is detected.

They are most frequently used to trigger crash alerts, automatic safety mechanisms, and emergency signals, usually in vehicular, aerospace, industrial, and other settings. Impact switches are also used for arming and detonation components in munitions.

Are Impact Switches Omnidirectional?

Impact switches can be omnidirectional, which means they detect force across a sensory range that includes the X, Y, and Z-axis.

This amounts to a dome-shaped area of detection. Impact switches can also be configured so that they are planar, which detect force across a full plane. Linear impact switches will detect force across a single axis.

Are Impact Switches And Crush Switches The Same?

Impact switches and crush switches can be used in similar systems, since they both respond to forces of impact, such as a crash or collision.

Crush switches do this when the can or housing of the switch is crushed. Impact switches are more complex. They use a series of components to respond and allow for more customization.

What Are Delta Velocity Switches?

Delta velocity switches are impact switches applied to aerospace settings. They perform the same function as impact switches used in non-aerospace equipment, but many of their parameters are set by g-force or delta velocity.

These switches are also made with materials and parts specifically designed to endure temperature and altitude extremes and other factors common on aircraft.