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Inertia Switches A Necessity For The Automotive Industry

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Questions And Answers On Inertia Switches

What Does An Inertia Switch Do?

Inertia switches respond to abrupt changes in acceleration. They are commonly applied to vehicular applications as fuel cutoff switches, which interrupt the flow of fuel to the engine by shutting off the fuel pump.

This serves to prevent fire and combustion hazards in the event of an accident, sudden collision, or other incidents that could damage the vehicle’s fuel system.

Where Is The Inertia Switch Located?

When used in standard vehicle applications, inertia switches are located on the passenger side, usually on the underside of the glove compartment. This switch is often below a panel or fascia.

It can be identified by a round or rectangular button, which will eject once the switch has been activated. It can be reset by pressing down on the button.

Do All Vehicles Have An Inertia Switch?

Modern vehicles that use a fuel injection system to power the engine will have an inertia switch as a standard. These switches are part of standard safety hardware.

They will automatically disable the fuel pump, which interrupts the flow of gas to the engine. This is meant to prevent fire hazards in the event of a crash or abrupt stop.

Can An Inertia Switch Go Bad?

Inertia switch malfunctions are rare. Usually, a faulty inertia switch can be identified when a vehicle stalls on traveling over a speed bump, pothole, or uneven road.

Stalling that occurs when the vehicle’s door is slammed, or when a similar sudden force is imposed, will indicate a faulty switch. The switch can be reset manually and should be replaced.

What Is A Fuel Inertia Switch?

A fuel inertia switch is another way of referring to an inertia switch or a fuel cutoff switch. In vehicles with a fuel injection system, this switch will automatically disable the fuel pump when an abrupt stop or crash occurs.

It is part of a safety system meant to prevent fire and combustion hazards.