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Questions And Answers On Military Switches

What Types Of Switches Qualify As Military Switches??

Military switches can include a complete variety of switches and components used for control, detection, and automation.

The materials used in the switch, and their level of endurance and performance, will be major factors in determining whether a switch is suitable for use on military and defense equipment. Military switches can include acceleration, impact, tilt, and other switch types.

What Are Military Toggle Switches?

Military toggle switches are control devices that were common in many types of military equipment and vehicles. They have been widely replaced by more modern devices, including digital and computer-based controls.

Military toggle switches that qualify as mil-spec are waterproof, heat-resistant, environmentally-sealed, and specially constructed to maximize endurance and reliability.

What Switches Are Military Grade?

Military-grade switches do not refer to a specific type of switch, but switches that qualify as military-grade will be made from mil-spec materials. They will be uniquely constructed to ensure that they perform optimally in extra tough circumstances.

Military-grade switches will be specially sealed and use highly conductive parts on all lead and circuit-based elements.

What Are Mil-Spec Switches?

Mil-spec switches are control and detection components that are specially made to perform in defense equipment, vehicles, and other applications. Most mil-spec switches will use materials like nickel and gold-plating for optimal connectivity and corrosion resistance between parts.

Mil-spec switches are also environmentally sealed to ensure that moisture, debris, and other contaminants cannot affect the switch.

What Are Military Switches Made Of?

Military switches are made with materials that foster excellent performance in circumstances that are notably demanding. Mil-spec switch materials include gold-plated nickel on all parts that create the switch’s leads and circuit.

Other materials will be used to resist extreme temperatures, moisture, and other conditions that cause corrosion or might otherwise compromise the switch’s functionality.